Business Law & Contract Solicitor Herefordshire

Welcome to Business lawyer Herefordshire and contract solicitor Herefordshire

We specialize in Commercial Contracts and can provide advice on a wide range of commercial arrangements and transactions. Our commercial lawyers Herefordshire can help you manage your business risks by providing legal advice on all aspects contract law and running your business, looking after your interest in contract drafting and negotiating   commercial contracts and arrangements, drawing your attention to high commercial risks.

Commercial Contracts solicitors in Herefordshire can help with the following:

Contract Advice Herefordshire

  • Legal advice on existing contracts [ example get-out clauses or advising on breaches of contract )
  • Negotiations on new arrangements or commercial contracts 
  • How to alleviate risk and exposure.
  • Non-Disclosure agreements to help protect your interest while negotiating a contract.

Commercial Relationship Agreements Herefordshire

  • Partnership agreements
  • Joint ventures
  • Affiliates
  • Agency and distributor arrangements
  • Franchise Agreement
  • White labelling

Consumer Contracts Herefordshire

  • Sale and supply of goods
  • Manufacturing agreements

IT Contracts Herefordshire

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Technology design and build contracts
  • Hardware and software supply
  • Software Licensing

Commercial Property Herefordshire

  • Commercial property lease and licenses

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